New Reality Show About Bucks County TimberCraft and Sean Tracy To Air On Great American Country

Pennsylvania’s jack-of-all-trades, Sean Tracy, is crisscrossing America, finding the oldest, broken-down barns in the country and transforming them into dream homes. He rescues the dilapidated barns just before they’re set to be demolished and either refurbishes them on the spot, or dismantles them piece by piece, carefully transporting them to his shop in Bucks County and turning the old structures into ultimate, one-of-a-kind barn homes.

Barn Hunters, featuring Bucks County TimberCraft on Great American Country

Bucks County TimberCraft Founder Opens Craft Distillery Hewn Spirits

After 25 years of restoring and converting early American barns into unique custom homes, and an 8-year spiritual odyssey into the restoration of an 80-year-old Alaskan wooden fishing boat, I had become deeply passionate about historic things old and wooden. Objects deliberately and delicately crafted by hand from wood to serve basic and simple utilitarian functions, like harvesting and storing grains from the fields, or transporting the sea’s bounty to market… hand-hewn things.

That love of hewn objects, coupled with, among other things, a small still I received from my crew of timber framers one Christmas, led me down the path into the forbidden art of distillation. Inevitably my new-found fascination with distilling collided with my love of old wood and good whiskey and an idea was borne…. Why not experiment and study the effects of various old, rare and even extinct woods on the aging process of different spirits?

Sean Tracy, Bucks County TimberCraft, Inc.

Find out more at the Hewn Spirits website.

BCTC Announce Merger With Iden Barn Homes

Exciting News!!!

We’re proud to announce the merger of Iden Barn Homes with Bucks County TimberCraft Inc.

We’ve been good friends with Curt Iden for almost 40 years and look forward to helping him free up his schedule to enjoy some time away from construction sites. From time to time Curt will help BCTC with design, consulting and the occasional barn raising. We look forward to living vicariously though him while he pedals his way to new adventures.